May 2021 Newsletter


Newsletter June 2021



Hello again. Welcome to another newsletter.  All being well, this will be the last until the autumn.  July, August and September are really for sailing!  If the government’s plans can go ahead, we will also be able to meet in a larger group indoors as from June 21st.     See below for details and also keep an eye on the website in case there are hiccups along the way. 

Names and Faces

Hurst Castle Sailing Club has a self-help philosophy and is run managed and operated by members. We have no permanent staff and members appoint a General Committee to oversee the running of the club premises, equipment and events drawing on volunteers from the membership. The General Committee for 2015/2016 is:-

Our History

The initiative for the formation of Hurst Castle Sailing Club must go to Mr. Roy Knight and Mr. George Andrews, who together approached Major I. M. Bellairs early in 1938 with their ideas, with the result that the inaugural General Meeting took place at the Toc H Hut in Milford-on-Sea on Wednesday, 20th April 1938.