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Dear Members

Welcome to the June Newsletter.  As always in the current situation, the main news is how HCSC is dealing with Covid 19 . You will find information about our plans for making the club as available as possible to you, our members.  There are also plenty more contributions by  members, covering history, sailing exploits and beautiful boats. Recently, some of us have been lucky enough to get out on the water in the sunshine.  It felt almost normal!  I hope we can see even more people enjoying themselves, as the summer advances.

First of all, the Covid 19 news:  To open or not to open (that’s the toilets) to sanitise or not to sanitise (that’s the club boats).  I am sure poor Hamlet had much bigger things on his mind when he pondered over to be or not to be but I never imagined that I would spend so much time on toilets!  Fortunately for me, a trio of people took over the question of the boats.  More seriously, we know people are keen to get back to sailing and to have the convenience of the clubhouse and our equipment.  Sorry the arrangements seem to be taking a long time.  We are following the RYA guidelines (cautious and conservative) and have been getting the necessary supplies in place.   

In summary:  Club boats.  You have received the email that boats are now available, subject to thorough cleansing and government requirements.   Although it is onerous, please do follow the procedure.  We owe a big vote of thanks to Richard, Ian and Mike for all their work on this.

Best Wishes

Jean Woods 


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Hello again.  Best wishes to you and your family.  I hope you are keeping well, safe and engaged with the world.   As I write this there is no further news about lifting our lockdown.  Perhaps by the time you read it, we will have more of an outline of the government’s plans and something to work towards.   This newsletter contains up-dates on the club, news of some of our members’ activities and plenty of contributions from members. These accounts keep coming in about their life on the water.  Below, you will find something from Ian, Geoff, 2 Mikes and Ralph.  Nothing yet from our female members. Perhaps they have all been too busy sewing laundry bags for the nurses -see below- or making protective mask and aprons.

CLUB NEWS   1. The General Committee had a virtual meeting on April 23rd thanks to Ralph’s efforts on the internet.    There were not many decisions to make but we revisited plans for the year and checked on some of our policies.   Like all clubs we expect some drop in income during the season but our finances are in good shape so we remain optimistic.  Paul and Ash have it well monitored.

REMINDER: If you have forgotten to pay your membership fees for this year you are now well out of the allotted time.  Please contact commodore@hcsc.org.uk if this applies to you and you do want to pay.

2. Clubhouse.  Three local members continue to keep an eye on the building and grounds during their walks.  So far so good.   Damage to the cover over the racks was reported recently but it has been temporarily repaired, thanks to Richard.  I cannot emphasise enough that the club and clubhouse remain closed.  We are following RYA guidelines over this.  Whilst being on the water feels like perfect self-isolation we must not put ourselves into a situation where we might need help from others or, even worse, from the public services.

3. Social   Our social committee was left in limbo with the onset of this pandemic.  Work for the planned French night was well underway, recipes being tested, and rehearsals in train.    We live in hopes of being able to reinstate it in the autumn.  Your cheques have not been paid in.  If you paid by bank transfer, we hope you won’t mind us hanging onto the money for now – this will save Ash a lot of work in making refunds which you MIGHT want to pay us again in the autumn.

Despite the lockdown, social contacts continue.  See the last newsletter for information about the virtual coffee morning and various WhatsApps.  Or contact commodore@hcsc.org.uk.

Jean Woods 


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Hurst Castle Sailing Club has a self-help philosophy and is run managed and operated by members. We have no permanent staff and members appoint a General Committee to oversee the running of the club premises, equipment and events drawing on volunteers from the membership. The General Committee for 2019/2020 is:-

Our History

The initiative for the formation of Hurst Castle Sailing Club must go to Mr. Roy Knight and Mr. George Andrews, who together approached Major I. M. Bellairs early in 1938 with their ideas, with the result that the inaugural General Meeting took place at the Toc H Hut in Milford-on-Sea on Wednesday, 20th April 1938.

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