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Hello to all members. 


Another month, another newsletter and…….another lockdown.  If you think this lockdown is bad spare a thought for the past.  The Black Death in the fourteenth century started in ports.   Bristol and Weymouth lost 40% of their population in a matter of weeks.  Then, as now, the economy and the political situation were impacted.   In the seventeenth century plague Samuel Pepys wrote of the London streets being deserted and 100,000 Londoners died.  During the Second World War the siege of Leningrad lasted 900 days with little in the way of supplies getting through and reports of hoarding when war was declared.   Sounds familiar? 

 Fortunately, we managed to end our season before the lockdown but unfortunately, we have been caught up in the government’s blanket approach to sports facilities.  The RYA has advised us that the closure of sports clubs and facilities includes dinghy parks on private grounds which applies to HCSC.  So let’s deal with that before moving on to other news.

Jean Woods 


Dear Members,


Hello, again from HCSC.  We have had September sunshine and I hope you have been out in it whether on the water or on land!  This newsletter will bring you up to date with what has been going on behind the scenes and how we are starting to look ahead as well.  

We can’t escape Covid 19 so let’s start with that.

Covid 19.  Although this area still has a low rate of infection, we want to do our best to enable the track and trace system which is important to keeping it that way.  We now have a three pronged approach!  We started with our own version in which any one who has been at the club and subsequently developed symptoms can email admin@hcsc.org.uk and a notice will immediately be sent out to all members as an alert.  This is still in operation.....

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Jean Woods 


Names and Faces

Hurst Castle Sailing Club has a self-help philosophy and is run managed and operated by members. We have no permanent staff and members appoint a General Committee to oversee the running of the club premises, equipment and events drawing on volunteers from the membership. The General Committee for 2019/2020 is:-

Our History

The initiative for the formation of Hurst Castle Sailing Club must go to Mr. Roy Knight and Mr. George Andrews, who together approached Major I. M. Bellairs early in 1938 with their ideas, with the result that the inaugural General Meeting took place at the Toc H Hut in Milford-on-Sea on Wednesday, 20th April 1938.

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