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Chess Tournament

Sunday 10th February 2019 14:00 to16:30

“CHESS TOURNAMENT” with Ollie Blacklock is open to all members of the club, junior and adult. A basic knowledge of the rules is required, although there will be a refresher / questions-answers session at the start of the event. I'm hoping to encourage people of all ages to dust off their old chess sets and have a few games at home between now and the HCSC tournament on 9th February, when the great clash will take place.

We will play about 4 rounds. Everyone who takes part will be able to play in every round - nobody is eliminated. After the first round, players will be paired with others on the same score, which tends towards being paired with balanced opponents as the tournament progresses.

I will be arbitrating each round, so if there are any problems during a game, I should be able to help resolve them.

All equipment will be provided - just bring yourself, and perhaps snacks and drinks to the HCSC club house!

2pm: arrival, welcome, rules refresher for the rusty!

2:15: start of first round

4:15: prizegiving

4:30: close

There will be a £2 entry fee per player to cover the prize cost.

I do hope you can come along and give it a try!

Again, please email me at or sign up at the clubhouse as soon as you can before the 10th February, to help make this a successful event.


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